"What's a Cultured Diamond?" Here's our answer...

Karch Wolfe Mystical Solitaire in lab grown diamond with hand modeling at Melee show

"'Cultured' diamonds first came to be in the 60’s but were slowly introduced to the jewelry scene over the last decade or so. Today we are more familiar with them but still have a lot of questions, Like "what are they?"

Cultured diamonds (“Man Made” or “Lab-Grown”) are NOT synthetic. High tech machines replicate the pressure and heated conditions that occur in nature to produce a compositionally identical diamond to traditional "mined" diamonds.

The process begins with a small sliver of a mined diamond, called a "diamond seed," that undergoes high heat and pressure for 2 weeks to build up layers until an eco-friendly diamond crystal is formed. 💎 🔬


Are Cultured Diamonds real Diamonds?

Yes, they are just as strong and sparkly as mined diamonds. The only difference between "cultured" & "mined" diamonds is how they come into this world ~ mined out of the earth OR created in an eco-conscious way. Another perk, cultured diamonds tend to be 35% cheaper


Karch Wolfe Mystical Universe & Mystical Solitaire alternative engagement ring stacked with Karch Wolfe peak, wildfire & valley wedding bands on hand

Why did we choose Cultured Diamonds?

Partially for the techy side of how mind-blowingly cool they are and for the positive effect using a lab-grown diamond has on the environment. We are already using recycled metals and ethically sourced semi-precious stones so we thought we should offer diamonds that are completely conflict-free. We shop locally, eat cage free and wear recycled or eco-conscious, so why not extend this philosophy to diamonds?

Karen and I have been intrigued by the cultured diamond industry over the years and we found a family run supplier that we clicked with and worked closely to create unique rose cuts to our specifications. Our Karch Wolfe collection is now using lab-grown diamonds within our  signature boho chic, demi-fine styles with recycled gold and all locally made in our Manhattan studio. Perfect for any bohemian bride or for your desert punk queen style! 

Karch Wolfe Mystical Universe alternative engagement ring with valley on hand


What do we plan to do with these Sparkly Eco-friendly Diamonds?

We're designing more alternative styles, cuts and are exploring other fabulous color combinations including pink diamonds. We are looking forward to our Karch Wolfe and Karen Karch tribe's feed back. Let us know what you think of Cultured diamond engagement rings." Email deme@karenkarch.com and tell us what you think and get 10% off your next purchase! 

- Deme ("The Wolfe") 


Karch Wolfe alternative Mystical Universe in 14k white gold w/ lab grown or cultured rose cut diamond


Karch Wolfe jewelry's alternative Mystical Solitaire in 14k rose gold w/ rose cut lab grown or cultured diamond

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