Halloween Ideas for Jewelry Addicts

Halloween Ideas for Jewelry Addicts

It’s that spooky time of the year when fashionistas search for the perfect Halloween jewelry for all the wicked events October brings. Whether it’s a Blackened Gold Bracelet, Black Onyx Stone Ring, or Webbed Ear Cuff, we’ve got some jewelry to match your costume inspiration this holiday!

With all these amazing designs at your finger tips, any or all of them will be a uniquely alternative addition to your Halloween costume - and all the days thereafter.

Let's Start From The Top: Earrings

The perfect addition to any costume this year are earrings that look like a spiders web. Take our DESERT FLOWER HOOPS for example. Delicate lines of metal detailed with twining vines form the shape of a delicate scalloped flower. These 1.25" blackened silver hoops feature a diamond studded center. Although the original inspiration for these earrings was taken from the wild landscape of the desert, these gems will add the final touch of sparkle to your goth attire.

karen karch - desert flower hoops halloween inspired

Next Up: Rings

A great person to take Halloween inspiration from is Morticia Addams. Black is the staple color of her wardrobe - accented with the vibrant red of her lips and nails - and her only other accessory - a rose. Albeit she preferred the stem to the petals, our GABRIELLE ROSE TATTOO RING is the perfect accent for this iconic costume. Two bands of organic texture twining vines cross over one another at the center of the back and cradle a brilliant black diamond in the center of the petals. In the words of Morticia Adams, "Black is such a happy color". We whole heartedly agree!

karen karch - gabrielle rose halloween inspired

The Thing That Hangs From Your Neck: Ah, Necklaces!

What screams Halloween more than ghosts? Well, skeletons and skulls to be honest. Many people use the symbolic clothing and face painting characteristic of the 'Day Of The Dead' as inspiration for Halloween costumes. 'Día de Muertos' is a Mexican holiday in which family and friends gather to remember those who have died and help support their spiritual journey in the afterlife. Beginning on October 31st and Ending on November 2nd, it's no wonder why a holiday synonymous with the celebration of death, colorful calaveras (skulls), and calacas (skeletons) is such a popular choice for Halloween inspired costumes and jewelry. With the added flair of our MUNDO MILAGRO NECKLACE, you'll be able to appreciate both holidays while looking exceptionally fashion forward. The chiseled skull charm detailed with metal "stones" around its eyes and suspended on a cable chain is an iconic piece of the Karch Wolfe collection that deserves to be worn more than 1 day a year.

karen karch - mundo necklace halloween inspired

Last But Not Least: Arm Candy aka Bracelets

Did you know there is something called the "Halloween Snake"?  We're not an authority on anything reptile but the fact the Pliocercus Euryzonus actually exists is pretty wild (no pun intended). That being said, we only think it sound for the crowning accessory to your halloween costume to be our TAKE NO SHIT SNAKE. Available in multiple different sizes and unisex in design, this sterling silver bracelet features a snake slithering into the shape of an eternity symbol on a chunky chain link design. On the back, it's engraved with the sentiment "Do No Harm, Take No Shit", one of the Mantras found throughout the Karch Wolfe collection.

karen karch - snake bracelet halloween inspired

With all the shiny, sparkly jewelry designs at your finger tips, any or all of them will be a uniquely alternative addition to your Halloween costume. No Tricks, Just Treats!

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