Jewelry Cleaning In The Time Of Covid

Jewelry Cleaning In The Time Of Covid
As Covid19 has disrupted most of the normalcy that surrounds us, we have all learned to adapt to what is now our "new normal". With that comes a lot of hand washing and hand sanitizing, but what does that really do to the rings and bracelets we choose to wear? We have some tips on how to keep yourself safe and healthy while keeping your jewels bright and sparkling.
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Remove All Jewelry Before Washing Your Hands

Sounds like common sense but so many people fail to do the basic first step. When you wash your hands (for more than 20 seconds please) the chemical composition of soap can dull the sparkle of your jewelry. Regardless of type, these household cleaners are not forgiving on metals, diamonds, and gemstones. Another equally important reason for removing your jewels is to ensure that you're washing ALL PARTS of your hands. That means under the band of your ring and in between stacked styles.
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Using Hand Sanitizer? Make Sure It's Alcohol Based

With the onset of CoronaVirus, we have all learned a lot about the right and wrong kind of hand sanitizers. Recently, the CDC & FDA have even put out a list of products consumers shouldn't use. (Crazy but true. You can find it HERE.) 
When selecting a hand-sanitizer, choose one that's alcohol-based. Any brands which use chlorine or methanol as a key ingredient should be avoided. Not only do those ingredients cause harm to your health, they also can cause jewelry to tarnish and corrode when exposed to these elements over a long period of time. For pearl or coral jewelry, hand sanitizer should be completely avoided as the chemicals can permanently damage their luster and color all together. Yikes!
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Make It A Habit To Clean

If you clean your face, clean your hands, clean your house, and clean your clothes, you should definitely be cleaning your jewels on a more consistent basis. The easiest way to get that done is by soaking them in a mix of warm water and dish soap. With a soft brush or wash cloth, get into those nooks an crannies to remove any dirt from the band, setting, or stone. When you're done, rinse with cold water and towel dry. For something so simple, cleaning jewelry can sometimes feel like a chore. To make it even easier on yourself, most jewelers provide a cleaning kit which has everything you need to keep that diamond you're sporting shining and bright. Now, if you could just figure out where to find one....


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