Rose Rewards - Because We're So Grateful For You!

Rose Rewards - Because We're So Grateful For You!

Brands often entice new clients with exclusive offers for their first purchase. But what if you want to buy from them again? And again? Do you still feel appreciated? We want you to know your support means the world to us.

During the quarantine of 2020, our business was deemed non-essential. Not only does this affect us, but also the larger fine jewelry business community that includes other small New York based contractors and suppliers.

At the start of 2021, we were so determined to get our Rose Rewards Loyalty Program launched that we decided to keep it simple. The program may evolve later with new offers for higher spenders and different ways to show our appreciation, but for now everyone gets rewarded points for every purchase!

We invite you to create an account. It is easy to sign up and stay involved. On our website, click the "K" stamp icon near the cart and follow the instructions. Just for signing up, we will give you 200 points - the equivalent of $20 toward your next purchase!

Shopping with us means that your points will soon add up. For every dollar you spend, you will receive more points. Even more exciting -  there's no minimum purchase amount required for you to redeem your points!

Imagine earning a free piece of jewelry. Nothing is cooler than free stuff, especially when it’s stuff you actually want. You can even choose to use your points as a deposit on a custom piece and really make your dreams come true.  

If you know us then you know we use the hashtag #neckmess a bit. We want you to be dripping in our jewels, layered and stacked with abandon, adding to your perfectly imperfect collection. #drip in #altfine jewels.

With Gratitude,

Karen & Deme

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