GOLDEN BIRTHDAY W/ MIXED METALS, Necklace - Made local in New York City by the best alternative jewelry store. Shop more Karen Karch & Karch Wolfe at or visit us at 38 Gramercy Park N.


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It all began with a broken heart- one from Wedgwood - a gift from her sentimental soon-to-be husband. To fix it, our client imagined our classic Entwined Heart cage to camouflage the break. The juxtaposition of old world and edgy is perfection. 

Then, to commemorate her 50th birthday, this Entwined Wedgwood Heart became the anchor of an Amulet Cluster full of symbolism - and created using family diamonds.

Included in the mix, a Canadian Jade Lucky Horn dotted w/ 3 diamonds in its gold cap, a Silver & Gold Diamond-studded Reminiscent Rose, and a Silver Dragon Legend Tag suspended on a Gold chain with a 2-sided Diamond Star.


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