Where is your jewelry produced?

We design and create our pieces one at a time in our New York City workshop - located at the back of our Gramercy Park studio.

Where do you source your materials?

We work with extremely reliable and trusted suppliers to source all metals, diamonds,  and gemstones. Our local NYC casters supply our metals to include recycled metals. We resource our gems and diamonds from around the world. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to travel to gem shows, but most of these resources have New York showrooms.

What is your policy on Conflict Diamonds?

Karen Karch has always been dedicated to providing high quality diamonds while considering the ethics of where they are sourced. We purchase our diamonds through respected, legitimate vendors who have similar business ethics.

Do you provide gemological certificates?

Yes we can provide gemological certificates for some of our diamonds or precious gems, but not for all of them. Some finished designs come with EGL and GIA certs. If you require a certificate, we are able to supply one on new pieces before the stones are set.

Do you offer appraisals?

We can only create Retail Replacement Appraisals for our pieces. These may be required by your insurance company and should be updated every few years as prices may vary.

Can I bring my own stones for you to work with?

Yes! We love upcycling. We feel honored when our clients trust us with their own diamonds and gems. We can work with you in the studio, or virtually with drawings and video chats. For more information please check out our Custom section or reach out to us directly at retail@karenkarch.com

Do you use Lab Grown Diamonds?

We do offer Lab Grown Diamonds in our Karch Wolfe Collection and have plans to use more. We like that they have less environmental impact, are conflict free, and more affordable while being of the same chemical make up as mined diamonds.  

We will only use Lab Grown Diamonds by request in our Karen Karch designs. 

Which stones are best for daily wear? 

The Mohs scale was created to rate the hardness factor of stones. We recommend that you select from the top 2 hardest of gems. Diamonds are the hardest, with the highest rating of a 10. This includes all colors, from traditional colorless diamonds to more unexpected one-of-a-kind colored diamonds. 

Rubies and Sapphires are next on the hardness scale at a 9. Sapphires colors include traditional blue, but many other colors are available, from bright to moody.

What are Black Diamonds?

We are proud to be the first jewelry design brand to offer black diamond engagement rings. The black color in diamonds is due to an extremely high amount of inclusions, to the point that they appear black to the naked eye. Under a microscope, the color inconsistency is visible with some sections appearing to be clear and the surface being a little irregular. Other natural black diamonds have a salt and pepper appearance to the naked eye - no magnification required.  

Many black diamonds in the market have been heat-treated for a more opaque rich black coloration. Many of the black diamonds we use have been heat treated. This is a standard industry practice. If you have a preference toward only natural color diamonds, let us know.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Care requirements will vary for every piece of jewelry based on the make and materials. If you are in New York, we offer complimentary cleaning of your Karen Karch pieces at our shop. Walk in appointments are available, but to guarantee that we are available to clean your pieces, please notify us when you plan to visit.

*Blackened Silver or Gold: 

This is very important!  Do not attempt to clean these pieces by rubbing them with a polishing cloth.  It will remove the plating.  Our Blackened pieces have a  layer of either Rhodium or Ruthidium to make them black.  For maintenance we would advise you to bring your jewelry to the store so we restore their look properly.


We recommend gently rubbing with a polishing cloth (only if the piece is not blackened- see above). If the piece has set stones, you can use a liquid cleaning solution and remove built up dirt with a soft brush.

 *Gold & Platinum: 

We recommend using our cleaning solution to clean off built up dirt and then, gently rub selected pieces with our polishing cloth. For problem areas, use a soft brush or babies toothbrush but nothing that can scrape or blemish the stones or metal.


Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Labradorite, Lapis, Jade, Black Onyx, and Tiger Eye gentle cleaning solution.

For softer, more porous gems like Turquoise and Coral, we recommend cleaning with a polishing cloth.  

For an all purpose cleaner, our signature KK Cleaner is available for purchase here: https://www.karenkarch.com/collections/jewelry-care/products/karen-karch-gem-jewelry-cleaner

Do you offer ring sizing, and if so what is the cost?

We can resize most of our rings that do not have stones set all the way around the band so long as the required size is within a few sizes, up or down. If a ring has a more complex design, we will need to create it to size. The first resize is complimentary. 

If the ring is a style that will require more set stones, we will recreate the ring to size and price it accordingly.  

Please note, once a ring is sized or created to a specific size, it is considered a custom piece and can not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Do you do offer engraving, and if so what is the cost?

Each engraving is unique depending on the size and placement of the engraving.  Machine engraving is $5 per word or date. Please reach out for further information for your specific engraving.

Does your jewelry come with a warranty?

Normal wear and tear is covered by a one year warranty. Factors such as daily activities will have an effect on how the jewelry wears.  Each piece of jewelry will wear differently from person to person and vary from style to style. Over time, it is normal for metal to slowly wear away. Jewelry, like anything you wear, requires care and maintenance.

Within the first year of purchase, we will correct any issue with your piece due to a manufacturing fault. Our warranty excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear and negligence. We reserve the right to determine if the damage is due to normal wear.

It is important to be realistic and choose the right piece for your lifestyle. We recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, doing the dishes, lifting heavy objects, gardening, etc. to keep pieces looking their best. For beaded pieces, we also recommend not wearing them in the shower or bath.  

Individual attention is given to each piece produced in our NYC studio. We make all of our pieces to be as resilient as possible and guarantee against production defects.

If you have any repair issues that are not covered under warranty, or would like to know if your repair is covered, please contact us directly at sales@karenkarch.com or visit us at our studio.

Is shopping with Karen Karch secure?

At Karen Karch, customer transaction security is always a primary concern. All information provided by you is securely transmitted to us using Verisign SSL security, the standard method accepted industry wide for your payment gateway. Transactions are encrypted and always secure.

Can I place an order by phone?

Of course. If you need to speak to us prior to completing your purchase, we will happily address all questions. To place an order via phone, please call the studio directly at (212) 965-9699 during listed business hours.

Do you accept International orders?

Yes. We ship internationally to most countries via insured priority USPS Priority for orders under $2000 and for orders over, FedEx. All orders shipped internationally are a final sale. Import duties and taxes are not included in our item price. Karen Karch is not responsible for costs incurred from importing - these are payable by recipient on delivery.  We ship the items insured for their full value and they are listed at full retail value. If a package is denied entry by customs and returned to us, we will refund the value of the piece, but shipping charges are not refundable.  

For additional details on shipping cost and lead time, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

Do you charge tax on all orders?

Taxes are charged for New York residents only. Taxes are based upon State mandated taxes and municipal/county taxes. Current state tax is: 4%. For all municipal/county tax rates, please refer here: https://www.tax.ny.gov/bus/st/rates.htm. If you are tax exempt, please refer here: https://www.tax.ny.gov/forms/sales_tax_exemption_documents.htm. For any questions, please reach out to us directly at retail@karenkarch.com so we can assist you further.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we are proud to be able to offer financing via Affirm on all products in our assortment. Subject to credit approval, Affirm makes it easy to buy now and pay over time. Upon checkout, use Affirm as your preferred option. Based on your order, select the payment schedule you like best, then confirm your loan.

Total Checkout Amount               Term Length                 Customer APR

$50-$250                                      3 Months                      0% APR

$250+                                           3-36 Months                 0% APR, 10-30% APR*

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We are happy to offer gift cards to all current and prospective customers. Whether you wish to use this gift in store at our Gramercy Studio or online, Gift Cards can be purchased online at the customers convenience.

Do you work with wholesale accounts?

Yes, we are happy to collaborate with our wholesale partners. For all wholesale inquiries, please reach out to us directly: retail@karenkarch.com