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Earth Friendlier, Earth Day

Earth Friendlier, Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, and as women in this world - and as businesswomen - we strive everyday toward furthering our sustainable practices. We use recycled metals and ethically-resourced reclaimed diamonds, including Old European Cuts, whenever possible in our designs.

As the custom bespoke design aspect of our business grew, our clients requested that we upcycle and repurpose existing jewels they had but did not wear. Some were heirlooms that were passed down to them, others gifted, or from a past relationship. We invite you to collaborate with us, using your unworn pieces, to create something special that you will want to wear every day. Your new piece will suit your style and who you are. We always hear the saying “shop your closet”, but we urge you to raid your jewelry box.

Karen Karch Custom - Cultured Diamond Studded Desire Tiara White Gold Ring Set

By offering cultured or lab grown diamonds, we have added another more earth-friendly way to sparkle. We became fascinated not only by the scientific innovation used to create lab diamonds but also that they are bio-identical to mined diamonds and just as beautiful. This ups the ante in our more sustainable offerings with an option for diamonds that are 100% conflict-free. Our newest curated assortment of gorgeous cultured diamond designs is available in our Karch Wolfe collection and we also offer them by request for the Karen Karch collection.

Cultured Pearls have long been acceptable in fine jewelry, and we consider the process of growing diamonds in a lab under controlled conditions to be similar – hence we prefer to refer to them as “cultured” diamonds. Though this is a new technology, it is gaining lots of momentum. 


Small changes in lifestyle and shopping habits can contribute to a healthier planet. We support ‘local’ resources, and all our pieces are hand-made in NYC. We're a small women-owned and operated business trying to reduce our carbon footprint. So, feel good and celebrate this Earth Day with a more sustainable piece of jewelry that doesn’t sacrifice anything for great style.

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