It all began when we created Mini Milagros-inspired Charms for our Karch Wolfe Collection. Although we’d heard the term gold-filled before, we weren’t completely clear what it really was. Gold-filled chains entered our radar as a possible solution to maintaining the golden look we hoped for at an optimal price.

As our research continued, we soon discovered gold-filled was an excellent option. Excited by the response to the launch of these designs, we've added more products to the Karch Wolfe Collection highlighting the amazing look of 14k gold-filled baubles. With a wide selection of chunkier chains as well as hoops with detachable multi-chain charms, there are plenty of golden treasures to collect.

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What is it like to attend the world famous Tucson Gem Show? Fabulous!

Had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic - we’d be there right about now with our gem dealers & designer friends. The thrill is in digging for opal, turquoise, quartz & other gemstones - but making sure what you find is as rare as originally thought is the challenge.

Going to Tucson without a budget and a shopping list is a huge mistake. Like grocery shopping while hungry, everything looks so good. This show is one that satisfies your sense of adventure and temptation for fine gems!

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'Cultured' diamonds first came to be in the 60s. They were not introduced to the jewelry world until about a decade ago. Today, we are more familiar with them, but many questions remain; perhaps the most common, "what are they?"

Cultured diamonds - also referred to as “Lab-Grown” diamonds - are NOT synthetic. High-tech machines replicate the pressure and heated conditions that occur in nature to produce a compositionally identical version of the traditional "Mined" or "Natural" diamond.

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2021 has us feeling inspired so we're hard at work creating new styles. Want a peek behind the scenes of how we create our designs? While you always have access to viewing our finished pieces, what can’t be seen is all the passion and hard work that goes into creating them.

The process may take a week - or 12 - depending on the difficulty of the design and sourcing the perfect diamonds and/or gemstones. But once the piece is finished, we finally get to see our hard work and vision realized  - as a powerful yet small form.

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