Inspired by my invitation to attend the Louis Vuitton Cruise Fashion Show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art on May 27th, 2016 - the Rio Rush Collection was born. 
My intense excitement and anticipation of this experience resulted in wave after wave of creativity. Surfing my imagination fearlessly, I fashioned a forward thinking capsule collection. The idea of this iconic city of famous beaches surrounded by dense jungle led me to a mood of edgy exoticism.
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Overwhelmed by Tokyo during my first visit to Japan, I was definitely feeling Lost in Translation. After returning home to New York, the idea for a new Tokyo Inspired Collection of rings came through loud and clear.
The geometric cityscape was a catalyst to revisit gems in cuts I had always wanted to use - Baguettes, Princess Cuts, and Emerald Cuts - that now made sense, giving our signature designs a fresh perspective.
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