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Podcast Alert - "Don't F*ck This Up"

Podcast Alert - "Don't F*ck This Up"

This week, Karen Karch sat down with the Founder of the super-popular podcast, "Don't F*ck This Up", Lauren Alvarez to talk about taking risks and listening to your inner voice.

Karen - who is known for fearlessly defying convention - talks candidly about being the subject of her own internship at Parsons and pioneering the "Dangerous Jewelry" movement in addition to her innovative approach to fine jewelry design, the evolution of her iconic bridal line, and her one of a kind custom creations.

Karen Karch Podcast - Don't F*ck This Up

She discusses the importance of learning the hard way, the challenge of setting trends, and the need to create one's own creative bubble. Karen shares her insights on knowing when it's time for change: whether it's a neighborhood, a killer rebrand or shifting from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce retail.

Known for blazing her own trail, in her own words Karen notes: "I had a strong sense of conviction that I was just going to do it, and nothing was going to stop me."

Available on the iOS Podcast app, listen to Karen's inspired story on always following your dreams.

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