What is the timeline?
4-10 weeks - but when we need to find a very particular gem or create complex mechanics: 12-16 weeks

 Can I bring my own stones for you to use?

 Can I bring you metal to use?
Yes, we can accept metal to sell as scrap for credit towards your piece.

 What is the required deposit?
Free initial consultation.
50% deposit after design approval.

 Is custom more expensive?
Similarly priced to our ready made pieces.
More complex pieces may have an additional fee.

 How do you price custom?
Based on material costs, level of difficulty & handwork time.

 What metals do you work with?
- Gold: 10k, 14k, 18k (yellow, rose, white. blackened white)
- Platinum
*recycled metals available

 What is the difference between 18k, 14k & 10k
Pure gold is 24k which is too soft for jewelry.
18k is 75% pure gold
14k is 58.3k pure gold
10k is 41.7% pure gold
The color and hardness varies slightly.
 What is in gold? What gets mixed with the gold to make color vary?
Silver, copper, or zinc to make the piece more durable

 How do you blacken the metal? What kind of metal?
We plate with ruthenium in-house to create a metallic jet-black outer surface layer, which does wear away with time.  
Beneath, we use solid white gold or silver.

How do you come up with ideas?
It can be a mix of your ideas / gems and previous designs we’ve made that begin the process.
Our favorite custom designs are the most challenging where we have to think out of the box!

How do you make it?
We use 3-D Modeling on CAD to create your design in the most precise way.
We then send it out to cast since we do not have the equipment.
Lastly, we do most of the setting and handwork in our studio attached to our shop.