What is the lead-time?

4-10 weeks if the client provides the stones and metal. 12-16 weeks if we need to source a particular gem or create complex designs.

Can I use my own stones?

Yes, of course.

Can I bring metal to use?

Yes, we accept metal to sell as scrap for credit toward your piece. We can cast with your metal, but there is a fee that usually makes this process more expensive.

What is the required deposit?

Free consultation.

Initial CAD design and deposit:

  • Tier 1: Under $2,500 - $75 USD
  • Tier 2: $2,501 - $7,500 - $150 USD
  • Tier 3: Above $7,501 - $225 USD

50% deposit after design approval. 

How do you create custom pieces?

We draw up our designs with CAD for precision.  We can show you multiple views or a video of your design.  Once approved, we 3-D Print the piece in wax, then send it out to cast. After the piece is cast, handwork completes it.  At the jewelers bench, the pieces are cleaned up, hand textured and the stones set.  

Is custom more expensive?

Not necessarily. Some custom work is similarly priced to our ready-made pieces. More complex and one-of-a-kind designs may have an additional fee. Those fees (if applicable) will be disclosed during the design consultation.

How do you price custom?

It’s based on material costs, labor time and level of difficulty.

What is your return policy on custom?

All custom orders are non cancelable, non exchangeable, and non refundable. Please consider this when making your selection.

What metals do you work with?

We work in recycled metals whenever possible.

- Silver

- Gold: 10k, 14k, 18k (yellow, rose, and white)

- 20k and 22k gold available upon request

- Platinum

What is the difference between 10k, 14k & 18k

Pure gold is 24k which is too soft for jewelry.

10k is 41.7% pure gold

14k is 58.3k pure gold

18k is 75% pure gold

The color and hardness varies slightly.

What is in gold and what makes the color vary?

Silver, copper, or zinc to make the pieces more durable.

How do you blacken the metal and which kinds can be blackened?

We plate with ruthenium (rhodium) to create a metallic black outer surface layer, which does wear away with time. Beneath, we use solid white gold or silver.

How do you come up with ideas?

It can be a mix of your ideas / gems and previous designs we’ve made that begin the process. Our favorite custom designs are the most challenging ones that require us to think outside the box. All custom projects are not created equal so please consult directly with us via email, phone, or zoom regarding time from concept to completion.