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The Intrigue of Cultured Lab Diamonds

The Intrigue of Cultured Lab Diamonds

'Cultured' diamonds first came to be in the 60s. They were not introduced to the jewelry world until about a decade ago. Today, we are more familiar with them, but many questions remain; perhaps the most common, "what are they?"

Cultured diamonds - also referred to as “Lab” diamonds - are NOT synthetic. High-tech machines replicate the pressure and heated conditions that occur in nature to produce a compositionally identical version of the traditional "Mined" or "Natural" diamond.

Much like a cultured pearl, the process begins with a small sliver of a mined diamond, called  a "diamond seed." This seed is then applied with high heat and tremendous pressure for 2 weeks to build up layers until a diamond is formed.

They are just as strong and sparkly as mined diamonds. The only difference between "cultured" and "mined" diamonds is how they come into this world - mined out of the earth vs. created in a lab setting. There are many perks to choosing a lab-grown diamond for fashion or engagement jewelry- not only are they an alternative for those who choose to avoid diamonds removed from the earth, cultured diamonds tend to be 35% less expensive than the mined alternative!

Why Did We Choose To Design With Cultured Diamonds?

We are fascinated not only by the scientific innovation used to create a cultured diamond, but also the conversation around the social impact. We currently use recycled metals and ethically sourced semi-precious and precious gemstones so also wanted to offer an option for diamonds that are 100% conflict-free. 

Our ongoing intrigue with cultured diamonds inspired us to do a great deal of research. We looked for smaller suppliers that share our brand ethos. We worked with them to create unique rose cuts for our Karch Wolfe Mystical Solitaire design.

We can also customize any of our designs  to be set with lab-grown diamonds, whether your preference is for recycled 925 sterling silver, or white gold, yellow gold or rose gold in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, or platinum.  We make all our pieces locally in our NYC studio. Our designs, perfect with non-mined diamonds, are also perfectly suited for any bohemian bride or desert-punk goddess! 

What Do We Plan To Do With These Sparkly Eco-friendly Diamonds?

We're designing more alternative styles, sizes, cuts and are even exploring other fabulous color combinations including rare pink diamonds. We are looking forward to feedback from our Karch Wolfe and Karen Karch tribe. Whether fashion or bridal, your choice is guaranteed to stand out!



Rose Gold Mystical Solitaire - Lab Grown Diamond

Mystical Cultured Universe Ring

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