GOLDEN BIRTHDAY W/ MIXED METALS, Necklace - Made local in New York City by the best alternative jewelry store. Shop more Karen Karch & Karch Wolfe at or visit us at 38 Gramercy Park N.


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It all began when a beloved Wedgwood heart - gifted by our client's soon-to-be husband - broke. To camouflage the break, we created an Entwined Heart cage in 14k yellow gold - the perfect juxtaposition of old world romanticism and edgy modernism. 

To create an even more personal piece, she wanted to gift herself more symbolic amulets as a 50th birthday gift to herself. Using family diamonds from two rings that belonged to her mother, we were able to create a meaningful cluster with a Dotted Lucky Horn, Reminiscent Rose, and a Dragon Legend Tag.  Mixing sterling silver, 14k rose and yellow golds and adding a Canadian jade horn made for the perfect mix.


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