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A Custom Design Created from Upcycled Repurposed Jewels

A Custom Design Created from Upcycled Repurposed Jewels

We hear stories all the time about a stranger noticing our jewelry on the subway or in a yoga studio, and asking who made it.  That is where this story began. 

Many of us have jewelry we no longer wear - for many different reasons. This time, we had the honor of re-purposing diamonds removed from our client's previous marriage rings and an additional ring that belonged to her grandmother.  This new ring would symbolize forging a new path forward to the next chapter.

Karen Karch _ Karch Wolfe Custom - Client Diamond Rings

The challenge was to create a ring that looked decidedly un-bridal - a modern cocktail ring with a reference to the moon and stars.  It would symbolize how beauty and a magical future can rise out of the chaos of the past.

Karen Karch _ Karch Wolfe Custom - Diamond Ring Design Front

At the start, we emailed one another. I began sketching stream-of-conscience to illustrate different directions we could take with the design.  It was during the pandemic, so we could not meet face to face. We discussed the sketches in our virtual meeting and landed on the preferred design idea - which just so happened to be the final idea I sketched.

Karen Karch _ Karch Wolfe Custom - Diamond Ring Design Back

The underlying meaning of this design shines through.  The large diamond represents the moon while the smaller diamonds reflect the twinkle of the stars. We added arrows to the back of the ring; one pointing down and the other up, to signify her new direction in life.

To read the full story featured in Forbes Magazine, click here.

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