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Love In The Time of Pandemic

Love In The Time of Pandemic

Everyone loves a good love story, but this is a different kind of love story - one that is pretty badass. Our client had this ring created to surprise her boyfriend and propose to him. When she found our designs thru an online search, she was intrigued by their originality.  So inspired, she created sketches of ideas - many of which were not actually possible to create in real life proportions.  We worked closely together (through over 100 emails!) to create this swoon-worthy one of a kind 14k White Gold ring with 5 inset blue sapphire baguettes, that was to be suspended on a sterling silver chain when not worn on the finger. Customizing the "Timeless", one of our best selling mens wedding bands, turned out to be an unexpected favorite project.

Customized "Timeless" Platinum Mens' Engagement Ring - Featured In Forbes Magazine

In our clients own words:

“It all started with COVID, which has been a tough time but since it gave me this moment with J, I see it as a very happy development in my life. Long story short, we hadn’t seen each other in a few months and I was becoming really desperate about not seeing him, and not being with him in this crisis. Everyday this feeling of anxiety and sadness was becoming too much for me. So the thought of proposing crossed my mind, but I discarded it quickly, knowing that it is not common for women to do this asking.

But then I started thinking why not, I love him, I knew we both wanted and have wanted this for a long time but the perfect timing and different things hadn’t come together for it to happen. But after digging down deep, I decided to go with my gut. I sketched the ring thinking about it like a wedding band he would wear when we got married was the best way to think of it.

Customized "Timeless" Platinum Mens' Engagement Ring - Featured In Forbes Magazine

Then I searched online for like a week trying to find the perfect jewelers to help me and thanks to the universe I found Karen. I went on her website and noticed all her pieces are unbelievably original. And from that moment I decided it was it. From then on she helped me create my vision, everything felt like she was feeling what I had in my heart.

 black and white customer engagement photo custom ring forbes magazine feature

At last he arrived and I took him to a picnic which was perfect. We spent a while talking and just enjoying each other, then I gave him a letter which said all I wanted to say about us of stuff about us and how the perfect moments are the ones you don’t really plan and finally in the end it asked the big question. My proposal was just for us, and a moment to celebrate our love and to take a step forward in our commitment to each other. He read everything and came to me so happy and said of course he wanted this.

During a time of crisis, I realized that we should never waste time, say what we feel and telling everyone we love, just how much they mean to us. Thank you Karen Karch and everyone who worked on this vision of mine to make us so happy and to have my ring on my hands and this symbol of our relationship forever.” 

To read the full story featured in Forbes Magazine, click here.

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