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Rio Rush: Breakout Beauty, Bursting Bravura

Rio Rush: Breakout Beauty, Bursting Bravura

The Rio Rush Collection was inspired by my invitation to attend the Louis Vuitton Cruise Fashion Show in Rio de Janeiro at the Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art on May 27th, 2016.

My intense excitement and anticipation of this experience resulted in wave after wave of creativity. Surfing my imagination fearlessly, I fashioned a forward thinking capsule collection. The idea of this iconic city of famous beaches surrounded by dense jungle led me to a mood of edgy exoticism.

Karen Karch Jewelry's Rio De Janeiro Ring Inspired by Karen's visit to Louis Vuittons fashion show in 2016 over laying the pattern of the gound

 These dynamic design ideas were enlivened by a palate of semiprecious & precious gems, enhanced by the sparkle of tiny natural color diamonds. Textures were created and metal colors were selected to best flatter the gems.

A renewed passion for my signature iconic amulets ignited their reinvention. My creative rush led to an edgy evolution of the Entwined Heart, Rosebud, and Lucky Horn. The Thorn, Claw and Lightening Bolt were added as the newest icons. 

Designer Karen Karch herself working at the bench and showing the gritty and edgy life of a jeweler at the jeweler's bench

My Signature Clasp gained more importance as a design element, not only because it is now used on each side of a circle to secure bracelets and necklaces, but also used to attach and detach amulets.

The experience of Brazil did not disappoint - it was visceral and I loved it! This collection is Rio - heart, soul, and spirit - as seen through my eyes.


Karen Karch Jewelry - Rio Rush Look Book



Karen Karch Rio Rush - Heart Of Santa Teresa Red Queen Ring

Karen Karch Rio Rush - Karen Karch Rio Rush - Copacabana Mixed Media Bracelet

Karen Karch Rio Rush - Dotted Lucky Horn & Star Charm

Karen Karch Rio Rush - Jewel Of Ipanema Desire Stud Earrings

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