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From Japan With Love: Diamonds, Design, and Inspiration

From Japan With Love: Diamonds, Design, and Inspiration

"Overwhelmed by Tokyo on my first visit to Japan, I was definitely feeling a "Lost in Translation" mood. When I returned home to New York, the inspirations for the Tokyo Inspired Collection of rings came through loud and clear.  The geometric cityscape was a catalyst to revisit gems in cuts I had always wanted to use - Baguettes, Princess, and Emerald Cuts - that now made sense configured in familiar formations, giving our signature designs a fresh perspective." - Karen Karch

Tokyo Collection Twilight Grace Ring Set

The Story Behind The Tokyo Collection

In Spring of 2018, my husband and I visited Japan for the first time. It was overwhelming in every category from culture to food to style and everything in between. Most impressive was the geometric city of Tokyo, full of light, life, and an abundance of skyscrapers which could counter those of the iconic New York City Skyline. Deliberate in design, maximizing the impact of every square foot used, it was in this sprawling metropolis that I drew inspiration from the Chiyoda, Shinuku, and Shibuya provinces for my next collection. I figured out a way to work a handful of geometric gems I purchased years ago that were a challenge for me to use seamlessly in my existing organic style. A year of R&D and design modifications later, we launched the Tokyo Collection.

Karen Karch Tokyo Hi Rise & Tower Tiara Ring, Set of 3. Inspired by the Architecture of Japan.

2019 Tokyo Collection: Innovation

I began creating formations with these unusually vibrant and rare colored baguette, princess, and emerald cuts. With most of the designs being one of a kind, I wanted a way for the customer to take a ready-made style and make it theirs.

It started with designing the main band and then creating others with similar stones and colors which could be layered, stacked, and mixed to create something truly unique and special. 

An alternative style for a particular customer, I found that many gravitated to the luxurious collection not only for fashion jewelry but for engagement ring options as well.

Karen Karch Tokyo Invincible & Grace Tiara Inspired by the Architecture of Japan.

The 2020 Tokyo Collection: Transformation

With the tremendous success of the first Tokyo Collection using warm and cool tones such as blue sapphires, emeralds, pink sapphires, and champagne diamonds, our newest collections highlight the versatility of red rubies, white diamonds, and blue, purple, and pink sapphire gems. The combination of stones set into a 14k rose gold setting is an opulent design that drapes the finger and commands attention. Tokyo's inspiration bridged the gap between my love for these amazing stones and my signature alternative style.



Tokyo Collection - Sapphire Floating Star Ring

Tokyo Collection - Sapphire Grace Tiara Ring

Tokyo Collection - Diamond & Ruby Twilight Ring

Tokyo Collection - Diamond & Ruby Grace Ring

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