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Shine Bright Like A Black Diamond

Shine Bright Like A Black Diamond

Black diamonds are not new for Karen Karch. We first introduced them to our men’s collection in the early 2000’s. Women loved our rose gold “Together” bands punctuated with two rose cut black diamonds and began requesting them for their most significant ring of all.  

Together Ring - 18K Rose Gold & Black Diamonds

We decided to debut a collection of black diamond engagement rings in 2005. Justifying our leap of faith, these black diamond solitaires became a bridal favorite and we featured in the mainstream press. They remain forever a part of our collection. 



The Black Diamonds we set in our designs are carefully selected, avoiding those with unattractive visible flaws and inconsistent color. Instead we prefer to use black diamonds in rose-cut and round brilliant cut to maximize their glimmer.  Another Karen Karch signature is our preference to set them in 18-karat rose and yellow gold that warms the overall look, instead of the typical white metals seen with black stones.

“When people think of diamonds they think white and bright, not dark and black,” says Karch. “But the black tells its own unique tale.”  

Having used black diamonds for so many years, we know the questions that most people have. We’ve highlighted some information that answers the main ones here but remain open to any others you might have - just reach out!


Black Diamonds: What You Need to Know:

Are Black Diamonds graded or certified?

While colorless diamonds are celebrated and graded on their perfection, the beauty of black diamonds lies in their natural flaws. Because they are virtually opaque, there is no need for them to be graded on clarity and color like traditional colorless diamonds. Every black diamond is unique with its own character. 

They can be notoriously difficult to cut and polish because of their natural flaws, making the resulting finished stone even more unique and precious. When cut as a Round Brilliant, Black Diamonds are often cut deeper than colorless diamonds. This adds to their carat weight while making their mm (actual) size smaller. 

What Makes Black Diamonds Black? 

Simply put, natural black diamonds are black because of the minerals and imperfections - known as inclusions - that are so abundant that they join together to make the diamond appear black. The inclusions are usually made up of large quantities of minute particles of the minerals graphite, pyrite or hematite. 

Many of the blackest diamonds are treated with high heat to make them solid black- an acceptable common practice. We often use treated black diamonds, but always our preference is to use natural color black colored diamonds whenever possible. 

Are Black Diamonds Suitable for Engagement Rings?

Though not the traditional choice, we have been creating engagement rings with black diamonds for many years.  Black is always in fashion, making it the chicest alternative to colorless diamonds. A black diamond is forever.

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