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Turquoise Treasures

Turquoise Treasures

Turquoise was love at first sight for Karen. Her eye for turquoise developed early on as she was raised near the region famous for mining this rich, blue gem. The stone features heavily in the jewelry of indigenous tribes of the US Southwest region, holding importance as an attractor of good fortune and a provider of strength. 

Marilyn Minter for Karen Karch

Karen in her own Dotted Lucky horn styled with silver, yellow rose and black gold - as seen through the lens of artist Marilyn Minter. 

Instantly identifiable, there is little confusion to what stone a turquoise gem is. Minerals like copper and iron give it distinctive blue and green tones and its matrix of brown, gray and gold can either increase its value or decrease its beauty depending on your personal preference.

 Acquiring its name from the old French term that referenced the traders -  “Turks”, who exported the stones from Persia and brought them into Europe - turquoise from Persia (now Iran) was seen to be the finest. Persian turquoise is still highly prized and can be difficult to find, but Karen uncovered a resource while at the annual Tucson Gem Show.  This gem dealer had only a limited supply in oval and round in their stash- a lucky find for Karen!   

Karen Karch Turquoise Regal Ring

Each time we create our highly coveted Regal Ring, it is truly one-of-a-kind due to the matrix and dimension of each Persian Turquoise oval.  This limited edition ring is magical, featuring an unexpected mix of blackened gold, reddish brown diamonds and rubies.  

Karen Karch - Custom 18K & Turquoise Dog Tag

This custom 18k Gold Legend Tag was commissioned by our client’s wife, who surprised him with a holiday gift featuring Persian Turquoise held by our signature claws.  This tag celebrates a connection to our client’s father, whose favorite stone was turquoise.  

What many do not realize is that turquoise is becoming a rare gem as many of the mines have been exhausted. One such mine, the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona, was the origin of most of our turquoise beads and the raw stones used for our carvings, the horns, roses and hearts, we have created again and again over the years. Our Turquoise Lithe has also made a few appearances on the Red carpet, and into the jewel boxes of some famous women!  

Cynthia Nixon in Karen Karch Turquoise

Cynthia Nixon in our Sleeping Turquoise Beauty Turquoise Lithe, worn in 2008 as she won an Emmy for “Sex and the City”

Megan Fox in Karen Karch Turquoise

Meghan Fox in one of her many Red Carpet appearances wearing our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Lithe.


Karen Karch Turquoise Lithe Necklace

Lithe in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with our signature clasp in Gold

Entwined Heart amulet in Yellow Gold with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Gabrielle Rosebud Ring in Yellow Gold with carved Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

Dotted Lucky Horn in Yellow Gold with Colorless Diamond with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Horn

Because of the increasing scarcity of the stone, it is believed that the majority of turquoise has already been mined, meaning that the best pieces are likely already in the hands of collectors. Luckily, we still have some of these beauties in our archive gem collection and are always on the hunt for more turquoise treasures to inspire new designs.  

A preview of a one-of-a-kind Oblong Turquoise ring that's new to the collection.

At Karen Karch, we have always loved using turquoise because it reminds us of being out in the desert. It carries with it a certain mysticism and beauty like no other gemstone.   

We love mixing Turquoise with Rubies, Garnet and Diamonds.  The colors vibrate off one another.  Throw on a Leather jacket and T-shirt and you are good to go.

Turquoise becomes rock n roll cool with Black.  Here set in Blackened silver with Cognac Diamond and Ruby with Black Spinel Bead Lariats.  

Wrap our Lithe beaded necklace around your wrist during the summer.  Stack it up with mixed metals and souvenir leather bracelets.  


1- Is turquoise a summer stone, or can it be worn year round?  

Turquoise looks incredible in the summer on bare skin, but looks amazing year round.  It is all in the way it is mixed into your look.  

2- Is turquoise a trendy stone?  Will it go out of fashion?

We have used turquoise since the earliest days of our business, so 30 years.  We have seen it sometimes become more trendy, but it now seems to always be in fashion.

3- Is turquoise a birthstone? 

Yes - December babies are the lucky ones.  

4- How should I care for my turquoise?  

Like many precious stones, it’s best to steer clear of any excessive oils, astringents and chemicals so we advise to avoid wearing in the shower and when applying body lotions and fragrances.

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