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The Best Wedding Rings According To Cool People

The Best Wedding Rings According To Cool People

Thank you New York Magazine - The Strategist - for including our rings in “The Best Wedding Rings According to Cool People” written by Alexandra Ilyashov. We're thrilled to be in such good company and to be recognized for our designs - and have written proof of their OG status.  

Amy Elliot a writer, editor, jewelry specialist, chose our Invincible Crown Ring Set. Elliot calls this decadent 18K yellow-gold and diamond tiara duo her "holy grail of nuptials rings, from the designer who pioneered these sorts of regal, engagement ring framing bands: that crown, chevron, and tiara look is popular right now, and it all started with Karen Karch in the 1990's", she says.

Karen Karch -  Invincible Crown Ring Set

The inspiration for this ring design began the day a client with a parcel of tiny pink diamonds walked into our shop. She communicated her desire for a ring that would place as many of these gorgeous diamonds as possible on the top of her finger.

I developed the idea of a bezel-set diamonds, configured to glamorously drape the finger. This design idea has been an obsession that I have continued to evolve over time, now into a claw set configuration of rose cut diamonds, our current day Floating Star Ring.

Karen Karch - Yellow Gold Diamond Floating Star Ring

Our Belgian Tiara designs were born soon after as an extension of this idea with the diamond instead configured to reach upward on the finger.

Karen Karch - Belgian Tiara 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Front

These directional rings evolved into stacking rings that can frame a solitaire or 3-stone ring centered.  Our brides chose 2 rings as an engagement set, then adding the 3rd ring stacked as their wedding band.

Karen Karch - Belgian Tiara 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Side

Both rings are highly customizable making it a favorite of our clients to create something whimsical and unique. With different metals, diamonds, and gemstones this ring is perfectly suited for a cool person with equally cool style. Book a custom design appointment today and see how we can create your dream bespoke set.

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