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Let's Hear It For The Boys

Let's Hear It For The Boys

The Karen Karch Mens fine jewelry collection fuses classic design with street style, adding the right touch of gritty swagger. Each textured band, bracelet and dog tag is custom-crafted with precision and handmade in NYC. The timeless style of mixed metals with luxurious finishes makes for a stylish accessory for those who dare to be different and challenge the status quo. Grounded by the look, at once rough hewn yet refined, Karen Karch designs are a natural for men.

Our men’s designs were launched in the 90’s when our first retail shop opened on Mulberry Street. The shop was named “PUSH”, and true to its name, I opened it as an experiment, a place where I could push the boundaries of what was acceptable for fine jewelry. Push was a meeting place for those who dared to be different and challenge the status quo. It was a great test market to witness first-hand what women and men really wanted to wear.

Karen Karch - Mens Unisex Collection - NECKLACES, RINGS

Our clients became our muses. They have run the gamut from artists, actors, writers, and other creatives; to bankers, lawyers, and others with more conventional careers – but less conventional taste in jewelry.

Custom design collaborations with Karen’s signature style stamp soon followed. After falling in love with our Silver designs, clients commissioned pieces in Platinum and various karats and finishes of Gold. When Platinum was the most popular metal for wedding sets and bands - what was available was cookie cutter. Our clients wanted something personal, with a quality of hand. Our weathered, textured wedding bands for men were an instant hit.

Karen Karch - Mens Unisex Collection - BRACELETS, RINGS

With the popularity of our wedding band collection, requests for other types of men’s jewelry soon followed. We began reinventing other classics, like our signature textured dog tags that could be personalized with engravings. Many have been engraved with wedding dates, children’s initials, and other personal messages. Later came textured handmade chains and hinged weathered bracelets.

Over the years as the design aesthetic has changed, we found that there is more overlap in how jewelry is worn and styled as a whole. The term unisex has been a great equalizer in the jewelry industry as those who follow fashion and trends see the offerings shifting to cater to a more androgynous look. Long before this was a trend, we knew many of our clients gravitated towards the more "masculine" in style. With the popularity of our Mens/Unisex collection continuing to increase, we look forward to delivering more avant-garde pieces in multiple finishes for seasons to come.

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